• Perugia - Family lunch
    Perugia - Family lunch

The tradition of flavours

Lago Trasimeno, Torgiano, Montefalco, Trevi, Norcia

Through his journey in Umbria Steve McCurry tastes the wine and food of the region and discovers flavours, perfumes and colours becoming the central thread of a series of snapshots, such as the image of the fishermen launching their nets in the Trasimeno Lake, well-known for its richness in fresh water fish.
His journey continues towards Perugia, the city of chocolate and then to the South East, through one of the four paths of wine (www.stradadeivinidelcantico.it; www.stradadelvinotrasimeno.it; www.stradadeivinietruscoromana.com; www.stradadelsagrantino.it), up to Torgiano, where there is the Museum of Wine, unique in the world.
Crossing the vineyard Steve arrives in Montefalco, the medieval city, known as the “handrail of Umbria”, land of the Sagrantino, that, together with the Torgiano Rosso Riserva are the two quality wines produced in the region to have the DOCG designation in Umbria.
Trevi, one of the “most beautiful villages in Italy”, which dominates the Umbria Valley, is a land known for the production of the extra virgin olive oil with protected designation of origin, DOP, in Umbria.
The small town, a must see along the paths of the DOP olive Oil in Umbria (http://www.stradaoliodopumbria.it), fascinates the US photographer who pictures it between its olive trees and ancient oil mills.
Going towards the south, along the Via Flaminia, Steve arrives in Valnerina and then, through paths immersed in art and nature, he reaches Norcia, home town of St. Benedetto, known for its production of the prosciutto crudo di Norcia, that has had the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) designation since 1997.
In this area and on the Great Plain of Castelluccio are also produced lentils, wheat grain and saffron, growing in the neighbouring town of Cascia.
Rounding off the list of flavours of the regionwe find the black truffle of Norcia, rare and refined product, celebrated by a review now at its 51st edition, and the white truffle found in the area of Città di Castello and Gubbio.