• Perugia – “Giuditta Brozzetti” hand weaving
    Perugia – “Giuditta Brozzetti” hand weaving
  • Deruta - ceramista
    Deruta - ceramista

The excellence of creating

Città di Castello, Perugia, Deruta, Massa Martana, Sant’Anatolia di Narco

“Most of my images are grounded in people. I look for the unguarded moment, the essential soul peeking out for just a second, experience etched on a person’s face. I try to convey what it is like to be that person, a person caught in a broader landscape, that you could call the human condition”.

Through the villages and cities of Umbria, inside workshops and craftsman’s laboratories, Steve McCurry captures the essence of the ancient crafts through men and women still practicing them.
In Città di Castello the art of artists like Piero della Francesca, Raffaello, Luca Signorelli and the contemporary artist Alberto Burri is transferred to the artisan tradition.
McCurry discovers the processing of wooden furniture and visits the textile manufacturing of the “Tela Umbra”, where a group of women still keep alive the ancient textile art of the place.
McCurry is also fascinated by the Grifani-Donati Tipoghraphy, where father and son pass on the tradition of the printing art. From Città di Castello he arrives in Perugia. McCurry stops for a while in the central square, where there is Nicola and Giovanni Pisano’s Fountain, to capture its charm in the best light of the day.
In the handweaving laborarotory-museum “Giuditta Brozzetti” he portrays Marta working at the looms of the XVIII and XIX century. And he also offers the images of the Moretti-Caselli Laboratory, where women of the family have been handing down the ancient art of the glass painting since the end of the XIX century
Besides the textile sector, the creating also acquires the meaning and taste of chocolate, that in Perugia comes in the form of a brand known all over the world.
To the south of Perugia is located the town of Deruta, ceramic district with handicraft workshops, where Steve takes pictures of the vases collection “Maioliche Deruta 2012” by Michele De Lucchi.
In Umbria the local handicraft is renewed in the hi-tech of international leader companies, such as in Massa Martana or in Terni.
The journey through the excellences of creating continues toward the Valnerina and Sant’Anatolia di Narco where in the small Hemp Museum, Steve portrays a man who hands down the centuries-old processing procedures.