“Sensational Umbria, an overwhelming success”. Exhibition Extension Press Conference

Perugia, ex Fatebenefratelli October 9th2014

“It has been an extraordinary success only achieved by few other exhibitions in our region. We are glad to have entrusted the great photographer Steve McCurry the task of ‘narrating’ Umbria through his snapshots” said the President of the Umbria Region, Catiuscia Marini, during the press conference held on Thursday evening at the ex Fatebenefratelli complex, one of the two exhibition venues, during which the results obtained so far were stressed and it was announced an extension of the exhibition until January 11th 2015.
In the event took part Steve McCurry, the author himself, the regional authority for Culture, Fabrizio Bracco, and the Perugia Council Member for Culture, Maria Teresa Severini. The president Marini has pointed out that as a result of the great success of the exhibition and following the specific request of the Chamber of Commerce, in agreement with the Municipality of Perugia, the Region decided to extend the exhibition period, which closure was originally planned for October 5th2014: “the exhibition -  she stressed – has proven to be a successful promotional instrument, enticing tourists to visit our region to discover the places captured in McCurry’s pictures.”

The exhibition “Sensational Umbria by Steve McCurry”, promoted and organized by the Umbria region in collaboration with the Municipality and held in the spaces of the ex Fatebenefratelli and the Palazzo della Penna (Centre for Contemporary Culture), which illustrates through one hundred snapshots the journey in Umbria by the great American photographer to describe its values and people as well as its events, emotions and experiences, has been visited by 35 thousand visitors from March 29th 2014 (the opening day of the exhibition) to October 9th2014.
4500 catalogues were purchased by people attending the exhibition, 600 of which bought on line, with an average of 9 copies every 100 visitors.

The number of virtual visitors has constantly grown, www.sensationalumbria.eu describes the purpose of the exhibition, in the framework of the regional project “Sensational Umbria“ for the promotion of the Umbria brand, as well as the photographer’s biography, and also tours and tourist suggestions for those who want to retrace the journey or to participate to the events connected with the exhibition.
The virtual journey provided by the web site has attracted especially Italians (89 percent of websurfers), but in the top ten list there are countries such as USA, Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Poland and Brazil.
The digital communication has also developed on the website www.readseal.eu, which “narrates the experience that can be made travelling and living in Umbria”, through which have been already stored more than 4000 selfies of the visitors attending the exhibition (www.redseal.eu/it/sensational-umbria-steve-mccurry-selfie_3.html).

The “Likes” on the “Sensational Umbria” Facebook page continue to increase, reaching the number of 8467. 960 followers and counting on Twitter, @sensationumbria. On the “Sensational Umbria” YouTube channel the number of views for the videos produced by the Umbria region have increased from the 4849 of April30th to 12 thousand.
Worth of mention is also the success of the “Umbria App” through which the region, first in Italy, implements an application software which allows tourists to access information and insights using their smartphones and tablets. The “Umbria Apps” with information and insights on Events & News in Umbria, Museums and Monuments, Signs of Etruscan civilization, Saint Francis route, Wine and Food, Bike in Umbria, Parks of Umbria were downloaded 88.000 times (downloads through Apple’s App store).