SENSATIONAL UMBRIA by Steve McCurry in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires - Usina del Arte, Caffarena 1
From June 21st to July 10th 2014

On the occasion of the second edition of “Verano Italiano” in Buenos Aires, the Consulate General of Italy in Buenos Aires, the Italian Cultural Institute and the Embassy of Italy in Argentina, in alliance with the Municipality of the City of Buenos Aires present “Sensational Umbria” 20 unpublished pictures of Steven McCurry, in 100x140 cm size.
The travel of populations and cultures described by Steve McCurry explores the pleasant and lush Umbria region, capturing faces, places, colors and rhythms of an ancient land that has never lost the relationship with its past of traditions, perfumes and flavors.

This relationship was immortalized by the lens of the great explorer of people and countries, through textures that weave past, present and future on a single loom; landscapes which preserve their close bond with the territory, the harmony with the present and the art of making of everything a way of life.  
The setting (for the first time in Buenos Aires) was conceived by the photographer himself, like the catalogue, both enriched by unpublished pictures of the region captured by McCurry. A travel through Umbria interpreted by the artist’s sensitivity that overcomes every linguistic and cultural barrier through an unprinted selection of photographs of the Umbrian land aimed at enhancing the entire area.