Spello (Pg)
21th and 22th june 2014

Spello holds one of the most renowned flower festivals in Italy, dating back to the 19th century: the feast of Corpus Christi known as Infiorata (celebrated on the day of the Corpus Domini the 9th Sunday after Easter). The word Infiorata comes from the Italian word fiore and refers to something made of flowers. Every year fresh flower colors and scents appear along the main city streets. Decorators and townspeople work all Saturday night to realize immense decorative rugs and floral paintings which remain visible before the procession of the Body of Christ passes over the display on Sunday morning. Flowers are organized in about 60 different infiorata, covering almost 1.5 km.
The event attracts every year thousands of spectators and is shown on the national TV.

This year the procession will take place on the 22nd of June, however Spello will start its celebrations on June 14th. During the entire period it will be possible to visit the Infiorate museum, enjoy music along the historic center streets and squares; as well as join photographic contests, participate in guided tours by night or indulge in an exquisite dinner at “il Fiore in Bocca” a special restaurant runned by the decorators of Spello.

For more info:
www infioratespello.it