For ten days, at the end of June, the small town of Bevagna hosts the medieval festival called “Mercato delle Gaite” (Gaite Market). The name Gaite comes from the administrative organization of the city during the Middle Ages when it was divided in four districts named Gaita. The main purpose of the event is to recreate the daily life of Bevagna between the 13th and the 14th century. To further improve the medieval spirit, the four Gaite are involved in special contests consisting of four different sessions: the market competition, the crafts competition, the gastronomic competition, and the competitions of archery. During the festival streets and squares get populated by people dressed in carefully reproduced medieval costumes, many old workshops take life and open their doors to show ancient working techniques to thousands of spectators and tourists coming every year to experience this special atmosphere.

This year the Gaite Market will take place between the 19th and the 29th of June giving the opportunity to step back in the Middle Ages with music, food, guided tours of old workshops, and competitions.

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