57° Festival of Two Worlds

Spoleto (Pg)
​From June 27 to July 13 2014

From June 27 to July 13, Spoleto inaugurates this year the 57th edition of its Festival of Two Worlds with 17 days of great entertainment, with operas, concerts, ballets, recitals, plays, along with exhibitions cinema, workshops, conferences, meetings, awards, contests, special events, with an eye to contemporary art.
Historic meeting place of different cultures, from more than half a century, Spoleto has confirmed its role as the international stage in which the leading artists of the contemporary scene come together.
Founded in 1958, thanks to the genius of Maestro Gian Carlo Menotti, the festival reached in the first decades a worldwide fame and became seen as a main source of inspiration for many similar festivals born in the following years.
Spoleto, a truly theater-town, now renews the tradition of the festival under the guidance of Giorgio Ferrara. Opera, dance, drama, concerts and cinema perform on the stage of the beautiful city theaters, making the town come alive in the streets, interiors and scenic squares dominated by the grandeur of its millenary monuments.

In the hope that art is a primary tool for the dialogue among peoples of different cultures, artists from all over the world gather in the Umbrian town of Spoleto, giving life to an impressive variety of events that go beyond the limits of national borders.
The extensive program vary from prose at the Teatro Caio Melissus, art at Collicola Palace and the Fortress Alborziana, ballet at the Roman Theatre, opera at the Teatro Nuovo Gian Carlo Menotti, and music in the streets, in churches and theaters spread all around the city.
And much more!
Amongst the great International presences, we can mention Robert Wilson, Tim Robbins, Gerard Depardieu, Isabelle Huppert, Anouk Aimée, the Berliner Ensemble, Christoph Marthaler, Leonard Eto; for the grand dance, the San Francisco Ballet and the Paul Taylor Dance Company; from the Italian scene, we have the two great interpreters Adriana Asti and Franca Valeri, along with Luca Barbareschi, Paolo Graziosi, Marina Confalone, Micaela Esdra, Giovanni Crippa, the directors Paolo Magelli, Giancarlo Sepe, Walter Pagliaro; for the music Andrea Griminelli, Edoardo Bennato, the Musical Band of the Carabinieri, the extraordinary participation of Riccardo Muti, and much more; from the world of culture and art, Piero Tosi, Corrado Augias, Giovanni Villa, Ernesto Galli della Loggia, Massimo Bernardini, Paolo Mieli, Achille Bonito Oliva.

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